3 Key Supplements You Need If You’re Vegan

Whether for environmental, ethical, or health reasons, veganism is a rapidly growing movement. In 2018, about 11% of the world population were basing their diets around plant foods.

According to researchers, a whole food, plant-centered diet has various advantages: it reduces the risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, dementia, obesity, and many more symptoms. 

But the main concern about vegan diets is whether they provide your body with all the minerals and vitamins it needs to stay healthy. Some plant-based eaters aren’t getting specific nutrients from plant foods and the lack of these nutrients can damage your health.

Here are 3 supplements you may need if you decide to go vegan:

  1. Vitamin B12 Supplement

Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient for human health. The problem is that it’s only found naturally in animal products and dirt. Animals don’t make B12, but they get it from the dirt they eat on the soil. Nowadays, with vegetables washing practices and modern lifestyle, dirt is no longer a viable source of B12 for most people, even meat eaters. According to studies, between 20 and 40% of people worldwide have a B12 deficiency. In developing countries, the number is as high as 70 to 80%.

Vitamin B12 protects your heart and your brain. It also supports your immune system, and maintains your overall energy level. People who are deficient in B12 could develop anemia and neurological issues.

So do not forget to get your B12 levels checked annually and to take a supplement regularly. Try our High Potency Vitamin B Complex with B12 Vitamin!


  • Vitamin D Supplement
  • Vitamin D is sometimes called “the sunshine vitamin” because the only way to get it naturally is by exposing your body to the sun lights. Did you know? A vitamin D deficiency is the most common vitamin deficiency in the world today. Indeed, approximately 40% to 60% of the world’s adult population do not get enough vitamin D. It is probably because many people live in northern climates where there are low levels of sunshine, especially during the winter. 

    Vitamin D has a crucial role in your immune system. It also protects your heart, your muscles, your pancreas, your brain, and your thyroid. According to studies, there is a 53% greater risk of dementia and a 70% higher risk of Alzheimer’s disease among individuals with a moderate vitamin D deficiency.

    Make sure to get enough vitamin D by taking a supplement like our Vitamin D3 5000 IU!

    1. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

    The three primary Omega-3 fatty acids are crucial to your health, especially DHA, which is a primary structural fat in the human brain and eyes. It constitutes approximately 97% of all omega-3 fats in the brain and about 93% of all omega-3 fats in the retina.

    It is also an important structural component of the cerebral cortex which is essential for language, emotion, memory, creativity, and attention.

    Omega-3 fatty acids help protects the heart, prevent the most common types of cancer and reduce the risk of age-related mental decline, dementia and Alzheimer’s.

    Indeed, the elderly with higher levels of DHA are 47% less likely to develop dementia and 39% less likely to develop Alzheimer’s in comparison with older citizens with low levels.

    Discover our Ultra Strength Omega-3 Fish Oil & our CardiaPro Provinal Omega 7 to avoid nutritional deficiencies!


    Following a vegan diet will help you get most of the micronutrients and macronutrients you need to thrive. But, as you know now, you still may need to think about supplementing with a few nutrients. Thankfully, taking these supplements is easy and affordable in comparison with the cost of medical treatments. Start taking care of your body now!

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