5 Effective Ways of Becoming Healthier with Your Partner

Becoming healthier with your partner can make the transition to a healthier lifestyle much easier. Most find it easier to be inspired, motivated and accountable to eat well, work out harder and enjoy the healthier lifestyle together as a couple.


Becoming healthier with your partner may also have a positive effect on your relationship. While working out, you are spending time together and are able to help each other out along the way. Try becoming healthier with your partner with these five effective tips.

Work Out With Your Partner

Working out together can be so much fun. As a couple, especially as parents, it can be challenging to find time together as a couple. Going out on a date night, organising a babysitter, booking a table and fitting it all into your busy working week may mean your ‘date nights’ don’t happen as often as you like. Have you thought about working out together? Or even taking the kids with you on a big family walk or jog can mean you all get your exercise done together. It can be a good way for you to spend some quality time together.

Aaptiv is a popular workout app which has plenty of partner challenges such as; 28-day sweat challenge, road warrior workouts, right the February slump, feel good fit program. Aaptiv is great for inspiration, motivation and a great way to get fitter together.

Set Goals With Your Partner

Setting goals together with your partner really helps keep you both motivated and accountable. Set some common goals like cooking healthy meals together at home, jogging 5 kms every weekend together, practising yoga everyday together, meditating together for five minutes before you both go to bed at night.  Help each other stay on track. Share which specific health goals you personally have with your partner as well.

Chat About Your Progress Together

Communication is key in all our relationships, especially the relationship with our partner. Sharing your fitness progress, struggles and stresses may really enhance your relationship.  It may also help your partner better understand what’s going on in your life. Improving your relationship, fitness and health all at the same time. This has to be a winner!

Cook And Eat Healthier Meals Together

Cooking and eating a healthier diet at home together may really help you both nail your health goals and help prevent illnesses which may be caused by poor diet. Together you can create delicious meals to eat before your workout. Learn to love cooking with your partner as this helps enormously with starting and sticking to your new healthy lifestyle. Healthy homemade meals will also save you money as you will be eating more at home instead of eating out and buying takeaway food.

Start A Supplement Program With Your Partner

If you have a specific health condition you wish to address, or you simply want to become healthier, a good supplement program may be a great idea to consider. Along with your new healthy lifestyle of a nutritious diet, fitness, yoga, meditation and relaxation have you thought about getting your digestion into shape? Supplements for digestion and metabolism such as probiotics, digestive enzymes and thyroid support are an effective way to improve your digestion.  

Becoming healthier is much easier together. Discuss with your partner how important becoming healthier is to you. Share your thoughts on what you are looking forward together as a happy and healthy couple.


Written by Nic Makim


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