5 Tips For New Yogis

Have you ever wanted to try yoga? If you've never stepped on a yoga mat before and you're thinking about becoming a yogi, read our 5 tips for beginners:

  • Listen to your body
  • First of all, it’s important not to push yourself to do anything that feels dangerous or wrong for your body. This is one of yoga's 5 ethical principles. It is called “Ahimsa” (the practice of non-harm). It is absolutely essential to a beneficial practice of yoga. 

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    With practice, you will find out which poses to avoid and which will be beneficial for you. Also, make sure you are aware of contraindications relevant to specific circumstances. Indeed, some poses are not to be practised if you are pregnant, or during menstruation, while others may be really helpful.

  • Breathe
  • Finding a deeper body/mind awareness is one of the main goals of yoga and it comes through breathing. Breathing oxygenates your body and helps reduce anxiety. 

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  • Stop comparing yourself to others
  • Stop putting pressure on yourself with unrealistic expectations. Remember that yoga is not a competition: no one loses or wins. You should only compete with one person: yourself. Of course, there will always be someone more flexible than you, but try to appreciate your own progress.

  • Make small nutritional adjustments
  • Eat foods that contain slow carbs and fibre, such as oatmeal, fruit, nuts, and vegetables. Remember to eat something light a couple hours before your yoga class. 

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  • Wear clothes that make you feel good
  • Choose loose comfortable clothing that stays on. Don’t forget that the more you feel comfortable, the more you can hold your yoga poses. Try stretching in your pair of leggings to make sure it’s convenient for performing the movements.

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