Detoxing Your Holiday Diet

Despite the frigid air, this time of year comes with a certain warmth. Friends and family gather from all over the country, bringing with them stories and memories. Between parties and events, we can often let our diet get away from us. It is a busy, bustling time of year; it can be really hard to plan your meals while bouncing from festivity to festivity. On top of the chaos, temptation in the form of gorgeously iced sugar cookies, decadent pies, steaming hot cocoa, champagne and so many other holiday treats seem to lurk around every corner. Come New Year's Day, most of us will wake up feeling bloated, puffy, and more than a little frustrated with all of the times we cheated our diet plan over the past month.

        While reigning in your food intake and hitting the gym with renewed, New Year’s resolution fueled gusto will certainly help, your body is likely in need of a thorough deep cleaning. Detoxing out all of the sodium, sugar, and other nasty odds and ends that are still hanging around will help relieve the discomfort and appearance of the post-Christmas dinner bloating and junk food induced grogginess. Turmeric can really help push all of the residual grime out of your system, making you feel as good as new.

        Turmeric supplements, like the BioGanix Turmeric Curcumin Extract with BioPerine, increase your circulation, allowing your body to naturally flush out toxins at a higher rate. Turmeric is also a powerful antioxidant and has been shown to potentially help improve the function of the lining of blood vessels, allowing oxygen-rich blood to be circulated much more quickly. This improvement in circulation alone will help you to feel better and show visible results within a few doses.

Turmeric also is believed to help improve gut health by alleviating excess gas and helping soothe the lining of the intestines and stomach. Its antispasmodic qualities help relax contracting muscles, decreasing the intensity and presence of cramps within the digestive system that commonly happen to many people after large or fatty meals. Countless other benefits come from using such a product, such as improved liver function and bile production, all of which will also help you kick the post-holiday blues.

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Written by Taylor Dispari


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