Easy Exercise Routines

Let’s be honest: exercising can be a real chore. You have to get dressed and take time to literally wear yourself out. What sane person would want to do that every single day? Though working out can be a pain, it is an incredibly important step to keep your body healthy and lean. The easiest way to get yourself to work out is to simply just do it; start a consistent routine and stick to it.


        If you want to burn fat and lose weight, cardio is your best friend. In a 20 minute elliptical session, the average person burns around one 120 calories. Consistent cardio workouts not only helps destroy fat cells but also works to keep your heart perfectly healthy. If you have access to a gym, spend the first part of your workout on a stationary bike, treadmill, or elliptical; start slow, taking your time until you are ready to increase the intensity and speed. Gyms are not for everyone; if you find yourself working out at home without equipment, simply go for a jog or bike ride. You can even use an app like 8fit (my personal favorite that I have used for my entire health and fitness journey) to give you a customized full-body workout or dance along to a Zumba YouTube video. Just find whatever appeals to you and stick to it!

        To tone up your newly-forming muscles, try working in some movements that are functional and work your core. If you don’t have access to free weights, body weight exercises are great to help tone up your arms and chest. Some great body weight exercises include  push ups, sit ups, air squats and lunges. Side lunges and squats will help shape and smooth your legs and glutes. There are endless varieties and combinations, so all you have to do is find a system that works for you. The key to any lifestyle change is to make sure it is consistent. If you only train once or twice a week for an hour, the impact is much less powerful than if you find 15-20 minutes a day to have a moderate to high intensity workout.

If you are looking for something at home, Pinterest and other collection sites have tons of wonderful boot camp style plans that you complete daily for a set period of time. If you prefer a more customized routine, there are dozens of apps that customize a workout to your needs for free or a small monthly fee; some even go as far as planning your nutrition and diet for the week! These are a great starting point if you cannot justify the splurge on a gym membership or personal trainer. There is something that will work for you, you just have to find your own groove and persevere!


Written by Taylor Dispari


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