Easy Exercise Routines (Part 2)

In a previous post, we scratched the surface of the many ways by which you can make your new year's resolutions successful. A lot of these resolutions include being fitter, losing weight, or being healthier in general. Despair not, getting more exercise into your daily life is not impossible!


In a recent poll, it was discovered that roughly only 8% of all new year's resolutions are successful. Millions and millions of people adopt a new mantra or motive for the coming year only to realize that the task is too hard, or not showing the results they desire quickly enough. Your workout resolution does not have to be another statistical failure. Small lifestyle changes and some planning can make all the difference and turn even your most difficult resolution tasks into successful ventures.



It can be tempting to fully dive into an entirely healthy and extremely restrictive lifestyle. This often sets you up to burn out. Instead, consider making small changes. Instead of going to the gym every day, set yourself up for an every other day workout routine. This gives your body time to heal and adjust. Begin with gentle cardio and work your way up to more intensive workouts. Your muscles need time to strengthen, so pushing yourself could cause injuries and soreness. When dieting, do not entirely remove foods from your diet. Allow yourself to have an occasional donut or cookie. Moderation is key and while pizza every night for dinner is not a good idea, an occasional slice will not hurt. Just make sure you are getting a nutritionally balanced diet via good food choices and supplementation, if necessary.


Once you have gotten used to working out and feel confident in your abilities to follow through, consider giving a workout program like Tabata a try. Tabata is a high intensity workout format that incorporates short bursts of high energy workouts with intervals of rest. Typically with tabata, you will work out hard for twenty seconds with a task like jumping jacks or a full plank; then take ten seconds to rest. Repeat this for around four minutes then switch to a new task. An example of a Tabata style workout is: four minutes of pushups in twenty second intervals with ten second breaks, four minutes of burpees following the same pattern, then four minutes of jumping jacks with the same pattern once again. This workout would be only twelve minutes but would give you an intense cardio experience if done correctly; the key to Tabata is to give it your all in every single movement, and not stop until your next break.


Your new year’s resolution does not have to be a flop. You can successfully achieve any goal you set for yourself with dedication and patience. A health goal like getting in shape is always worth striving for. Be kind to yourself and be cautious of restrictive behaviors. Gentle changes along with a good workout routine - and any necessary supplementation - will really make a difference and take your new year’s resolution from unattainable to thriving.


Written by Taylor Dispari


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