Forskolin Flush

Losing weight can feel like a daunting, life-changing task. With your doctor recommending calorie counting and your friend swearing her paleo diet has changed her life, it can quickly become overwhelming to find a health plan that fits your needs. A good starting point is finding supplements and vitamins to help support  your healthy lifestyle during your dietary transition. Forskolin has been cited time and time again as an excellent metabolism booster and is popular due to its ability to help actively break down fat cells. It has also been known to assist in flushing toxins from the body.



Forskolin works by naturally aiding the body in breaking down fat cells. This is done in a way that mimics normal fat burning which is typically achieved through exercise and low calorie intakes. When your body breaks down fat, the cell’s remnants must be removed from the body. Typically, you will simply pass the leftover waste when you use the restroom. Due to Forskolin expediting the process, you will likely experience an increase in bowel movements while taking the supplement.


Increased bowel movements are completely normal and should be expected due to the excess toxins and fat cells leaving your body at a rapid rate. Any supplement that cleanses your body will produce a such an effect. Forskolin is simply boosting your body’s ability to flush out anything it does not need to hold onto to function properly.


When using any supplement with the hopes of losing weight, you should always keep your health in mind. If you experience any issues, consider checking in with your doctor. You know your body better than anyone else, so if anything feels wrong it is best to get a second opinion from  a medical professional. Forskolin - when paired with a healthy caloric deficit and exercise schedule - can really provide the extra boost needed to see weight loss results faster. Weight loss can be tough but with a good diet and workout routine paired with the right supplements, you can achieve your weight goal easily!


Written by Taylor Dispari


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