Health Benefits of Collagen

Did you know? According to studies, there are actually seven main health benefits of collagen. Indeed, it has positive effects on your heart, joints, brain, guts, and more. 


Why collagen is important for our health?


First of all, collagen is the most common protein in our body. As collagen is in our connective tissues, the structural protein preserves our skin, bones, muscle tissues, and tendons. Unfortunately, collagen production begins to decline about age 25 approximately, and even more if you smoke or if you’re used to stay in the sun without sunscreen. That’s why you may need to take supplements to prevent premature skin aging.


You can find it in every beauty product or treatment as it is known for its abilities to reduce fine lines, hydrate your skin, diminish stretch marks and even grow your hair. However, applying collagen on your face won’t give you the results you’re expecting because it can’t penetrate your skin: proteins are too big to go through your skin cells. If you really want the benefits of collagen, you have to consume it. Let’s take a deeper look at the various health benefits of collagen.



  • Collagen can help you prevent heart attacks and strokes. It decreases your cholesterol levels by fighting plaque buildup in your arteries.


  • It can also ease joint and knee pain. During a season change, some people experience joint pain. Collagen can be an effective solution to recover quickly. Moreover, scientists stated that it may help people with arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.



  • Collagen is also known for fortifying nails and hair. It prevents nails from brittleness and reduces hair loss.


What can you do to enjoy the health benefits of collagen?


Now that you know the benefits of incorporating collagen into your daily life, let's take a look at the Bioganix Push & Pull System Skin Rejuvenation Bundle. It’s the first anti-aging beauty system made of collagen protein and aloe vera. It will help improve your skin's elasticity and hydration through a 2-step process: Push & Pull. The first step introduces the structural protein through the ingestion of collagen peptides and capsules, while the second step is the use of the aloe vera body gel and anti-wrinkle cream.

You can also try our Ponytail - Rejuvenation Complex with Biotin (60 capsules) for thicker hair and nails. Indeed, Ponytail gathers many nutrients that nourish skin, hair and nails!


In short, it’s your best ally to protect your brain, strengthen your heart, increase your joint health, and maintain your skin’s elasticity. There are only good reasons to take collagen supplements!



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