Healthy Meal Plans (Part 2)

When meal planning, it is important to remember to double check that your food is not only low calorie but also nutrient-rich. You should be consuming lots of fruits and veggies (preferably fresh) to keep your body healthy and functioning properly, alongside healthy proteins and good fats. It can be easy to get caught up in numbers, but you must maintain a healthy level of caloric intake, too, to keep yourself feeling great through your workouts and day-to-day life. Treat your body kindly as you go through your health and fitness journey, and it will reward you greatly.

One really excellent way to treat your body well while remaining in line with a healthy lifestyle is to exercise portion control. Check the suggested serving sizes of any snacks you eat and follow the general rules of thumb for making your plate at mealtimes. Vegetables should make up most of your plate and be in a larger portion size than your protein of choice, contrary to popular dining habits. Many brands actually carry portion control dinnerware to help you get used to controlling the sizing aspects of your meals. You can also refer to apps like MyFitnessPal to help you make good food decisions. It contains a lot of information about the health contents of almost any food or beverage item you can imagine.

To help yourself stick to meal planning, add variety to your recipe list. Let’s be honest, it can getpretty boring scarfing down stir fry and salads everyday. Look into other options! If you find yourself in a rut of basic oatmeal every morning, consider maybe making banana pancakes or whole grain muffins instead. Lunches can be taken from boring salads to tasty bistro boxes or hearty soups. For dinner you can skip over classic baked chicken breasts and check into salmon or tuna. Sauces and spice blends are going to be your best friend, as are healthy substitutes for common fats, oils, and sugars. Work with recipes online and create a collection of tasty meals that work for you. You will thank yourself later.


Written by Taylor Dispari


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