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Do you ever find yourself lying awake at night, struggling to rest because your brain just will not turn off? Do you feel tired, sluggish, and constantly incredibly stressed? Have you tried everything and still cannot find anything that truly makes a difference? If so, perhaps it is time to turn your attention to your adrenal glands. When working properly, the adrenal glands produce hormones that help regulate everything from your fight or flight response to your blood pressure. Located at the top of each kidney, the adrenal glands are small and often forgotten, making them an easy place for problems...

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As we grow older, we often begin to notice some pretty stark changes in our everyday lives. From mobility and energy levels to general health concerns, our bodies definitely begin to undergo a transformation as we move from one phase of life to the next. It has been reported that by the age of forty, our bodies begin to slow down, leaving countless adults feeling sluggish and out of energy much sooner than they would like. Beloved sports and fun weekend bike rides become harder and harder to be excited for, and the need for a nap begins to creep into...

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