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As you probably know, staying active has many health benefits, both mentally and physically. Exercising can reduce anxiety and stress, and help with depression. By rising brain sensitivity for serotonin, which is key to mood regulation and norepinephrine, a stress hormone, it relieves feelings of depression. Exercising stimulates the production of endorphins, which are hormones that are produced by the body and naturally released in the brain to reduce the perception of pain. Physical activity also promotes better sleep and makes you stronger and more resistant. But sometimes, it can be hard to stick to your workout routine, so here...

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You know that exercise is essential for goals of weight loss, muscle building, and sports performance, but did you know that exercise is also important for your brain health? Let’s take a look at how exercise can help improve cognitive function and overall brain health. Benefits of Exercise on the Brain Here are several proven benefits that exercise has on the brain: Serotonin Production: Let’s jump right into one of the benefits that you’ll experience during your workout: the feeling of the exercise high. As we engage in moderate or high-intensity physical activity, our brains increase the production and release...

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Who doesn’t want to build more muscle? Even if your goal is weight loss, chances are you would still like to trade in that fat for hard, lean muscle. Having a more muscular body can provide a number of benefits including elevated metabolism. It’s obviously aesthetically appealing, which is a huge confidence booster. If you’ve got muscle on the mind, try these essential tricks to boost muscle growth. Super Set Your Exercises To see big leaps in mass, I would recommend trying the super set methodology. Super setting your exercises involves taking two exercises of the same or opposing muscle...

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We all want to be fitter. It is now common knowledge that there are countless benefits to exercising regularly. So, most of us will try to get into a routine of some kind. Especially after the holidays, when we've all gained a little weight at office parties, family get-togethers and eggnog fests with friends. Here at BioGanix, we try to practice what we preach, so we know how difficult working out regularly is. You're not alone!   If you find yourself struggling to maintain an exercise schedule, perhaps it is time to consider getting yourself into a routine. Just walking into the...

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In a previous post, we scratched the surface of the many ways by which you can make your new year's resolutions successful. A lot of these resolutions include being fitter, losing weight, or being healthier in general. Despair not, getting more exercise into your daily life is not impossible!   In a recent poll, it was discovered that roughly only 8% of all new year's resolutions are successful. Millions and millions of people adopt a new mantra or motive for the coming year only to realize that the task is too hard, or not showing the results they desire quickly enough. Your...

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