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For many, starting a new year brings a chance to start over and begin your life anew. Such a milestone is refreshing, creating a period of time that makes the perfect jumping point for new resolutions. It seems like basically everyone’s plan for the new year is to get fit. After all of the carbs and sugar constantly consumed over the holidays, you cannot really blame them. Though treats are fun, they can leave you feeling pretty bad, both physically and mentally.         As common as weight loss resolutions are, less than 8% of people do not end up giving up. If you...

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In a previous post, we scratched the surface of the many ways by which you can make your new year's resolutions successful. A lot of these resolutions include being fitter, losing weight, or being healthier in general. Despair not, getting more exercise into your daily life is not impossible!   In a recent poll, it was discovered that roughly only 8% of all new year's resolutions are successful. Millions and millions of people adopt a new mantra or motive for the coming year only to realize that the task is too hard, or not showing the results they desire quickly enough. Your...

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