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It is no secret that losing weight is not just a singular decision; it is a journey trekked by making changes to many aspects of your daily life. Committing to getting healthy is an amazing life choice! A nutrient rich diet and consistent exercise are key to achieving your health goals, both of which can be greatly benefitted by the introduction of supplements into your routine. For example, Caralluma Fimbriata is a supplement derived from a popular edible cactus that is commonly used in Indian cuisine and medical practices. Loved for its versatility in cooking and long growing season, the cactus has...

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When was the first time you heard about garcinia cambogia? Was it when Dr. Oz was touting it as an unprecedented fat burner? Maybe you were bombarded with online advertisements for it. Perhaps, your local supplement store clerk tried to upsell you on it. Put simply: The extract that you have a hard time pronouncing has been getting a good deal of attention for the last decade. Is the fitness industry obsession with the supplement justified, or is it the result of very clever marketing? Let’s take a look at the science behind this herbal extract to see if you...

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If you’re like most of the people in the U.S., one of your goals for 2018 was to start eating healthier. Admittedly, it can be tough to go from a daily junk food habit to cold turkey overnight so what can you do? Look for healthier alternatives to satisfy that urge from a sweet tooth. Fruit can be an ideal way to indulge in cravings for sweets without the added calories from processed sugar and trans-fats. It can be easy to believe that it delivers all the sweetness you crave and none of the downsides; but, is there such thing...

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