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Do your nails look unhealthy? Is your hair dry and falling out? Both conditions could be a sign of one or several nutrient deficiencies. Let’s take a look at the best vitamins, minerals, and compounds that should be in your diet to support the health of your hair and nails. Biotin A member of the B-vitamin family, you might know biotin by the name of Vitamin H. It’s responsible for a number of cellular processes in the body, not the least of which is to support food metabolism. Those people with a biotin deficiency have the common complain of hair...

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When you look in the mirror after a night of sleep, do you see “crow’s feet” staring back at you? Have you noticed that you’re developing those tiny wrinkles in the corners of your mouth from smiling? Do you feel like your forehead became suddenly covered in fine lines? Skin is the body’s largest organ and it’s also the first impression people get when they meet you. Naturally, no one likes to let age take hold of their skin with wrinkles, fine lines and “crow’s feet,” so the question is: what can you do about it? Aside from a healthy...

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Aloe Vera a succulent plant, also known as Aloe Barbadensis Miller, has thick cactus-like leaves. Aloe may have many medicinal uses when used externally or taken internally. Taken internally, aloe is known to heal inflammatory bowel disease, candida, intestinal infections, ulcers, constipation, hemorrhoids and other disorders of the digestive tract. It may also be helpful for varicose veins and psoriasis.  It acts as an astringent, emollient, antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral. Applied topically, aloe will help heal burns, wounds and help stimulate cell regeneration. For Soothing Your Digestion Stress is something most of our society deals with today. And it has a direct impact on our digestive system....

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Little known fact: your diet can really impact the quality of your skin. Everyone has heard that eating greasy foods can cause acne outbreaks and an overproduction of oil, but what if I told you that food can actually age you? It is true! Having a long-term poor diet can lead to wrinkles and fine lines at a very early age. In fact, it is considered one of the leading factors in poor dermal and dental health.         It is crazy just how many damaging foods we consume without thinking about the consequences. If you are like me, you have a major...

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