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You see them covering the shelves at your local supermarket: vitamin supplements have become as commonplace in the average household as the television set. Despite all of the big claims from the manufacturer, are there benefits to taking multi-vitamins or individual nutrient supplements? More importantly, which is better for your health? What is a Multi-Vitamin? A multi-vitamin is an all-inclusive supplement that features all of your recommended vitamins and minerals. You can also find specific multi-vitamins for different lifestyle categories such as pregnancy, sports recovery, and veganism. Benefits of a Multi-Vitamin Fill in the Gaps: Even in the best diets,...

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Vitamin K2 is a fat-soluble vitamin that until recently has not garnered much attention in the mainstream media. However, this dietary powerhouse is increasingly recognized for its role in supporting the health of all body systems.   Vitamin K2 is shown to have been an essential component of the health of the arteries and bones. While many people know the importance of getting enough calcium and vitamin D to support bone health, few are aware of the actions of Vitamin K in regulating the use of calcium in the body.   Vitamin K2 changes the ability of proteins in the body to attach...

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