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In a previous post, we scratched the surface of the many ways by which you can make your new year's resolutions successful. A lot of these resolutions include being fitter, losing weight, or being healthier in general. Despair not, getting more exercise into your daily life is not impossible!   In a recent poll, it was discovered that roughly only 8% of all new year's resolutions are successful. Millions and millions of people adopt a new mantra or motive for the coming year only to realize that the task is too hard, or not showing the results they desire quickly enough. Your...

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Let’s be honest: exercising can be a real chore. You have to get dressed and take time to literally wear yourself out. What sane person would want to do that every single day? Though working out can be a pain, it is an incredibly important step to keep your body healthy and lean. The easiest way to get yourself to work out is to simply just do it; start a consistent routine and stick to it.           If you want to burn fat and lose weight, cardio is your best friend. In a 20 minute elliptical session, the average person...

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