Tips on How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

The holidays are a time full of family, friends, cheer, and, unfortunately, a plethora of tasty, tempting carbs. For someone on a weight loss journey, this part of the year can be a real struggle. People are literally shoving pie in your face and singing songs about chestnuts on open fires. Food is everywhere. Even breathing in the cinnamon and citrus scented air can make you feel like you are gaining ten pounds. Avoiding the dreaded holiday weight gain can be challenging, but with a few steps and some planning; you can easily make it through the peppermint scented gauntlet unscathed.

Indulging a little is fine, you are only human after all. You deserve to enjoy your favorite festive treats, especially since many of them only come around once a year. The key to maintaining your healthy lifestyle and still having a good time is moderation. Control your portion size and watch your caloric intake each day. In other words, you can grab a peppermint mocha frappuccino on Christmas Eve but if you do, it may not be a good idea to drink two glasses of eggnog and have apple pie plus peppermint bark that same day. Choose one or two treats at a time and keep the rest of your day relatively healthy; a little self control goes a long way.

Working out is going to be your best friend. Well, maybe not best friend since you probably are not going to really want to hit the gym between work and holiday parties, but you should still give it your best shot. Working out helps build muscle and offsets any extra calories you take in due to free sugar cookies at the office. Getting in a quick twenty minute cardio session can burn upwards of 100 calories; even if you feel like you are taking in enough that the session will not make a difference, still complete it. Successful work out schedules thrive on consistency. Even if you do not do the best job sticking to your diet, do not throw away your entire routine. You can do this, stick to it!

If you feel like you need a little help, a supplement can really do the trick. Skip the scary diet pills and their potentially dangerous side effects, and try something a little more natural and body friendly. Bioganix carries a line of gentle weight loss supplements that work with your body instead of in spite of it to really help keep the weight off. Due to the carb overload that comes with the holiday season, something like our Pure White Kidney Bean Extract could really come in handy alongside your exercise and portion control. Before your two largest meals of the day, take three of the capsules to help prevent all of that stuffing, fruitcake, and cookies from turning directly into fat. White Kidney Bean Extract has been scientifically proven to help block starchy foods from being quickly absorbed and stored in fat cells, giving a safe option to really amplify and maintain your weight loss.

The holidays do not have to be a time of worrying and weigh ins. Let yourself enjoy the season while it lasts. Just practice moderation and work to maintain your diet where you can. Go grab a snack and curl up by the fire, it will be spring time before you know it so do not let yourself miss you.

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Written by Taylor Dispari
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