Weight Loss, Muscle Building, and Supplement Timing

There’s no doubt that the foundation of the results you’ll see when trying to lose weight or build muscle is going to come from diet and exercise. With that said, fitness supplements have become so advanced thanks to scientific research, that using them has become the norm, as opposed to a luxury.

Science has revealed the best nutrients for supporting muscle growth while showing us the power of thermogenics, or fat-burning ingredients. One thing that is not commonly discussed is the importance of supplement timing, or when you decide to take your fitness supplements.

Best Time to Take Weight Loss Supplements

Thermogenics or fat burners are supplements that contain powerful ingredients that have been shown to spike your metabolic rate, thereby increasing how many calories you burn throughout the day.

Digestive Enzymes: While they don’t directly increase your metabolism, digestive enzymes play a role in weight loss by ensuring your body is able to breakdown and utilize the nutrients you consume. You should take digestive enzymes with each meal, but feel free to skip them when eating a light snack.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract: This fat burner has been shown to suppress appetite and increase caloric expenditure. It’s important to take garcinia cambogia first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, and again with your lunch.

Forskolin Extract: Found within the plant, coleus forskohlii, this fat burner will help to increase the usage of fat as an energy source. Just like with garcinia cambogia, make sure to take one serving in the morning and another during the afternoon.

Best Time to Take Muscle Building Supplements

The focus with muscle-building supplements is on the performance and recovery portion of your workouts. Supplements like testosterone boosters can improve your performance, helping you to get in a tough workout each time. Other supplements such as protein ensure your muscle tissue is saturated with the nutrients needed for growth.

Protein Powder: If you want to build muscle, protein is a requirement. Containing amino acids, the very building blocks of muscle tissue, protein powder has been shown to support muscle growth. Take one serving before and another serving after your workout. On rest days, use protein as a meal substitute or complement.

Testosterone Booster: For men who want to increase muscle mass, a testosterone support supplement is an excellent idea. Having healthy levels of testosterone has been shown to increase lean muscle tissue. When using a test booster, take one serving in the morning or before a workout. Take another serving in the afternoon.

Collagen Peptides: Muscle doesn’t grow while you’re in the gym; rather, you get bigger muscles during recovery. The best way to support recovery and dramatically increase your chances for growth are with collagen peptides. This is a super concentrated supplement of muscle-building amino acids. You can take one serving during a workout and another before bed as a low-calorie way to increase muscle and avoid fat.

Do You Have a Supplement Schedule?

When do you take your supplements? Do you have a specialized schedule that you made? Let us know your supplement tricks in the comments below!


Written by David Sautter


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