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We all want to be fitter. It is now common knowledge that there are countless benefits to exercising regularly. So, most of us will try to get into a routine of some kind. Especially after the holidays, when we've all gained a little weight at office parties, family get-togethers and eggnog fests with friends. Here at BioGanix, we try to practice what we preach, so we know how difficult working out regularly is. You're not alone!


If you find yourself struggling to maintain an exercise schedule, perhaps it is time to consider getting yourself into a routine. Just walking into the gym can be incredibly intimidating, so having a set plan and habits will not only keep you on track, but also make you feel more confident as you move through your exercises. Realistically, most of us do not have time to crank out an intense, full body workout every single day. Due to this, I have created a rough guide to help keep myself on track while at the gym for a shorter session; that I would like to share with you.

To kick it off, I start by stretching then make my way to the cardio area. Twenty minutes on an elliptical, stationary bicycle, treadmill, or other cardio device is usually enough for beginners looking to get started. Cardio is key in weight loss, as it rapidly burns calories. Try to keep a steady pace and maintain your speed through and through, avoiding bursts of high intensity or stopping if possible. We are looking to exercise fully, and working too quickly or pushing yourself can cause injury or muscle tears. Be careful and go at your own pace.

After your twenty minute cardio work, try to do twenty more targeting a single area of the body. For example, choose one day a week for arms, a second day for legs, and a third for abs. Find a pattern for each day that works for you, Pinterest is your friend when looking for a good basic start up. My favorite ab training session can be found here, leg workout here, and arm day sequence here. Targeting each area just one day a week allows you time to heal between workouts, and lowers your risk of hurting yourself. If you do a full body workout every single day, you can more easily over do it and end up pulling something or not get adequate rest periods. If you do wish to do a full body sweat session one day a week or regularly after you get into a good routine and are used to working out, try tabata or HIIT. Both are fun and easy ways to get started! Remember, working at your own pace is key; this is your workout routine so customize it to suit your needs. There is definitely something for everyone, all you have to do is find your own style and run with it! 


Most importantly, be kind to yourself. Remember, self-love is the first step to any health  journey. 


Written by Taylor Dispari


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