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Congrats on joining the 30-Day Fat Loss challenge!

Well done for taking action and joining our challenge!  We are 100% positive that if you follow our program, you WILL lose weight! You have nothing to lose, but FAT! ;)

Here are your steps to follow:

FIRST ==> Download the FREE BioGanix 30-Day Fat Loss Challenge pack here!


All instructions and more info will be included in the downloads.

Make sure you print out all documents, and stick them on your fridge or somewhere, and take action!  

Here are the steps to follow to join this 30-day Challenge and win

Step 1: Take before measurements of yourself, and also take “before” photos.  

Step 2: Choose and buy a 1 month supply of any of our BioGanix Weight Loss supplements. (Choose one that fits you the best, or that you like the best. Read the reviews. Or ask us.)

Step 3: Read the whole diet plan we have for you, and print out the Green/Yellow/Red list that we gave with this challenge. Make sure you understand how the diet works, and what food you may eat or not. (ask us if not sure.)

Step 4: Once, you have everything in place, start immediately, following the instructions in the documents to the letter. (There is no time like the present.) Follow the plan for at least 30 days. Take Measurements, and record them, only once a week, in the morning, without excess clothes on.  If you have to treat yourself (cheat?), rather treat yourself to some of the YELLOW list foods/drinks, in moderation, but do not use any RED list foods.

Step 5: After 30-days - Congratulations! You are done with the challenge. Now its results time! Measure yourself again, note down your final weight, and other measurements. Take your AFTER” Photos!

Step 6: PRIZES TIME (Everybody wins!) 

Now send your name, weight loss results, chosen supplements, and before & after photos (if you dont want to send these its fine) to

(EACH person that sends this, regardless of what your results, WILL win something. Our
Main Winners will be announced on the BioGanix FB Page and your prizes will be sent to
you. If you are one of our main winners, you can stand the chance to win cash prizes of over $2,000!)

We will keep you updated about the challenge and send you reminders via email, as well as prize updates.  You can also just reply to any of those emails to ask questions, or to send your before or after photos/results.

If you have any questions about this, please contact us!



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