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Doctor Testimonials

BioGanix is a Doctor trusted brand. Many of our regular customers are qualified medical practitioners who use our products daily, and love our products so much that some of them recommend the products to their patients. We consult some of these doctors and experts on our products, their formulas, ingredients, effectiveness and how we can improve them, as our end goal is to have the most effective products for all our customers.

Below are some of the doctors, fitness experts and nutritionists that use and recommend our products.  


Our Doctors:

Dr. Kelly Hall - "I have lost 6 Pounds (In about 4 weeks)"

Degree in Biology and Doctorate of Chiropractic from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1993

Regarding BioGanix, I am very impressed with the professionalism of the  company and the variety of products.  The communication between company and consumer is consistent and beneficial.  There are many consumers who are highly interested in weight loss and anti-aging. 

I purchased the (BioGanix) Caralluma Fimbriata about 4 weeks ago.  I really like the product.  It definitely curbs appetite.  I am a health care professional who is interested in natural supplementation.  After researching the ingredients I felt that this was something I wanted to try.  I have many patients always asking me questions regarding certain products that they see on TV.  This product is true to the claims.

 BioGanix appears prominent in the market.  As a health care professional I understand the challenges and limitations regarding FDA approvals, "natural product labeling", etc.  Consumers want something that works, and they want it now.  Along with a moderate exercise plan and a healthy diet such as modified paleo, these supplements can kick the weight loss into high gear! The BIG question that everyone wants answered is WEIGHT much?  I have lost 6 pounds.  I think this supplement taken with a modified paleo plan is what works for me.

BioGanix has captured a niche market in which the consumer can find an array of natural supplements to fit their needs based on their own personal research.  The notes and communication from Bertus, the company President is appealing.  I believe it speaks volumes to the consumer that the company is present throughout the  purchase and utilization should there be any questions or concerns. Many of these products are discussed on television shows by famous doctors.  Thank you to BioGanix in making it easy for individuals to try different supplements that appear on mainstream tv. Although the supplements conveniently arrive on your doorstep it is a good idea to review the products with your healthcare provider prior to use.

***All reviews, testimonials, etc. on this website should not be seen as typical. Results may vary.


Dr. Jeffrey Stillman, MD - "I have seen results first hand"

Doctor of Medicine

BioGanix is the premier nutraceutical and natural supplement company in existence today.

The unparalleled, novel, and superior products they produce may help aid in many monitored health situations we all strive to improve and enhance such as a fulfilling sex life, weight loss, and could also help in eliminating or improving pre-existing cardiovascular and diabetic conditions.A positive step in striving for the best life possible is to always take advantage of the opportunity to potentially improve your immune system and overall well being.

As a licensed physician for over 20 years, I can attest that these meticulously produced all natural products could be the key to longevity and prevention of debilitating diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and sexual dysfunction disorders amongst other conditions.

I am a strong advocate for BioGanix as I use the products myself and recommend the large selection with their multitude of benefits. I have seen results first hand and I would not endorse a medical supplement if I was not a strong proponent of their merits and efficacy.

BioGanix and its superb products can not only assist in living, but in living well. The use of BioGanix products can give you a valuable edge to optimize and maximize a healthly life with energy that you never thought was attainable. BioGanix and its top notch ownership will assure that you are satisfied. 

***All reviews, testimonials, etc. on this website should not be seen as typical. Results may vary.


Other Health Care Professionals:

Dr. Zabian Crosby, D.H.ED. - "Part of my daily routine"

Doctor of Health Education - A.T. Still University (2013)

Probiotics are an essential component in supplementation for digestive maladies.
However, different brands vary in effectiveness. As I suffer from a combination of
digestive impairments, it is critical that I use a multi-strain formula that is also
high in cell count to ensure adequate population of the digestive tract for
maximum results. I am pleased to say that BioGanix BioPro 50 is such a product.
Not only do I rely upon probiotics that contain multiple strains, but I require a
formula without prebiotics that also induce bloating- BioPro 50 successfully
meets that criteria. The capsules were also easy to swallow and convenient to
use. I encountered no side effects with the product. When included as part of a
daily regimen, the formula significantly reduced my symptoms attributed to
bacterial imbalances of the digestive system. I highly recommend BioGanix
BioPro 50 Probiotic Formula.

***All reviews, testimonials, etc. on this website should not be seen as typical. Results may vary.


Fitness and Nutrition Experts:

Marlene T. Harden - "You guys are the best"

National Figure Competitor, Professional Firefighter/Paramedic/Driver Engineer

I just wanted to take a moment and thank BioGanix for making such wonderful products! I am currently taking your Garcinia Cambogia, Forskolin, and Tumeric.

A few months ago I competed in the 2015 Master's Nationals in Pittsburgh - Master's Women's Figure Over 55. Yes! I am 57 years old and feel great! And it's most definitely because of your wonderful products

The Garcinia and Forskolin definitely helped me with energy while dieting and kept me from feeling starved in between my 6 meals! The tumeric helped me with inflammation because as we all know as we age it takes a little longer to heal. And on the days pushed myself hard this product was a godsend!

All in all....I don't think I would have been able to get to Pittsburgh without your help! Thanks again for producing such effective supplements! I know that I will continue to take them for the rest of my life! Who doesn't want to always look good and feel great! 60 is around the corner for me and I don't want that number to define me! For those of you reading this I would highly recommend these products!

I think what I will try next is the blood sugar and thyroid supplements as I have always had a sluggish thyroid and I'm sure it's not going to get better unless I do something about it! Thanks again BioGanix for your amazing selection of products!

You guys are the BEST!!

***All reviews, testimonials, etc. on this website should not be seen as typical. Results may vary.

*DISCLAIMER: The information provided on this site is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. The information on this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Never disregard medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on the BioGanix site. Products sold on this site are for personal use and not for resale.

**All statements on the labels, website and amazon listings have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This dietary supplement is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. ***All reviews, testimonials etc. on this website should not be seen as typical. Results may vary.





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