Keto Blast Exogenous BHB Ketones Powder, Raspberry Lemonade, 7.9 oz

  • Supports Ketosis, So You Can Reach Your Goals: With patented beta-hydroxybutyrates (BHB), our ketone supplement aids your weight loss efforts by helping you achieve and maintain a state of ketosis.
  • Power Through Your Workouts: Customers report that our ketone salts mix helps them perform better — whether in the gym or at work. Designed exclusively for the ketogenic lifestyle.
  • Helps Banish Cravings Without Caffeine: While some keto powders contain caffeine, which leaves you feeling jittery, our product aids in appetite control without any added stimulants.
  • Refreshing Flavor, With Zero Carbs or Sugar: Unlike other instant ketone drinks that have a very strong taste, ours has a light raspberry lemonade flavor. Mixes easily with water and smoothies.
  • Allergen Free & All Natural: Our vegan therapeutic ketones powder is suitable for people with food allergies. It's made in America in a GMP-certified factory with strict attention to quality and purity.

Living the keto life? Give yourself an edge with our exogenous BHB ketones powder, formulated to help you reach ketosis and perform at your peak potential.

Are you trying to shed pounds through a ketogenic diet? Need a boost to help you get through your workouts and stay on track?

Bioganix Keto Blast is the keto dieter's secret weapon, featuring a beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) complex to help boost blood ketone levels faster than dieting alone. Customers also report having more stamina, mental focus, and sustained energy to push through their day.

•16 servings per container
•goBHB performance complex
•No carbs
•No sugar
•No caffeine
•Delicious raspberry lemonade flavor
•With added electrolytes to support hydration
•Easy to blend into water or other liquids

Mixed with water, Bioganix Keto Blast is a refreshing beverage you can enjoy with no guilt. Plus, no caffeine means you can beat those pesky cravings without feeling jittery or anxious.

Containing no artificial additives or allergens, our pure ketones supplement is produced right here in America in a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)-certified plant. So you know you're getting a safe, high-quality product.*

Optimize your keto diet — order your tub of Bioganix Keto Blast today.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium goBHB Complex BHB Performance Complex: Calcium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate, Sodium Beta Hydroxybutyrate, Magnesium Beta Hydroxybutyrate Other Ingredients: Citric Acid, Natural Flavors, Silicon Dioxide, Stevia, TIC, Sodium Chloride


Mix one scoop into 14 oz of water.


Our health status is dynamic and there are many factors that have influence over your own equilibrium or natural state.
We at BIOGANIX believe that the choice of nutritional supplements is simple, transparent and affordable, with the aim of providing you with an AWESOME CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. Based out of Orlando, Florida, we strive to go beyond high-quality supplements at affordable prices. We are committed to continuing to find and deliver to your doorstep a great variety of health supplements customized for our active and busy lives.

Our Mantra

At the center of every action we take at BIOGANIX, there is a Mantra centered around YOU, our customer.  Our core Mantra is “Invest in your health”, a philosophy that goes beyond the transaction or purchase of a product. 
BIOGANIX combines real science with nature and our team meticulously researches the latest and most trusted ingredients to help your body and mind find your ideal equilibrium point for your own natural state of health.

Our Commitment to Quality

At BIOGANIX, we take great care and pride to ensure the integrity and safety of our supply chain. All of our products are proudly manufactured in the United States of America and Canada and each facility operates FDA (Food & Drug Administration) Registered and Inspected Facilities, which are subject to strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes) Standards.
Our team consists of nutraceutical experts, medical practitioners and natural medicine leaders with backgrounds in various fields of health and nutrition. Our broad range of knowledge and expertise contributes to our carefully-crafted formulas, as well as our ability to provide the highest standard of customer service and support in the industry.



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